Pontão Adventure

a journey through the flavors of the Santa Maria pier

The Pontão

An excursion that you should definitely embark on!
Very Easy. Picturesque. That doesn’t cost anything!

A visit to Pontão si an indispensable stop to enjoy all of Cape Verde’s “flavours”.
Here are our 4 tips for a truly fulfilling experience:

1. Very easy to Reach

Getting to Pontão is really simple by any means: by taxi or on foot, in the “centre” of the well-known Santa Maria.

2. Best Around Midday

Just before noon, with the sun high in the sky, you can best admire the amazing colours of the ocean, the beach, the boats.

3. Fishermen and Fresh Fish

One of the most characteristic attractions of the Pontão are the fishermen who, back from their catch, sell the fish to the best restaurants.

4. Top Tip: enjoy those very Fish

The best conclusion is a quick break at LobSTAR for a fresh fish lunch, right at the beginning of the Pontão!


for those who want to taste fresh local fish from Pontão
without having to break for a long time and then continue the walk.


with Small Tasting of Fresh Tuna Carpaccio flavored with Orange and Pink Pepper

A Main Course

Mixed Grill “from Pontão” with Fish of the Day


1 Glass of Wine (white or red) or 1 33 cl Lager and 1 Italian Espresso



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